Tim Tokun

An ever-evolving mineral resource professional, Tim has in the past 15 yrs held roles as Consultant, Project Manager, Chief Operating Officer. His journey has afforded him core project experience encompassing greenfield exploration all the way to sustainable production and rounds of fundraising in 12 countries across 4 continents. His participation has involved publicly listed Exploration and Production Juniors, Institutional Fund Groups, High net worth mining investors and Governments. A wealth of personal relationships across the industry spectrum have been developed in the course of this career.

In 2015, Tim returned to Nigeria to create MOTI who have so far assisted 13 local license holders in de‐risking their mineral assets. MOTI have teamed up with SRK Exploration services, Excalibur and a European investment bank to carry out specialized resource definition and monetization programmes across specific African countries. Currently, Tim is engaged as Technical Adviser to Riverfort Global UK, Blacksands Dubai, Scotia Exploration UK and is Technical Director on the board of CGMG Hong Kong. His commodities experience includes Gold, Diamonds, Tantalum, Tin, Uranium, Lead, Copper.

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