The Environment

Our objective is to limit the environmental impact of our operations with policies which demonstrates our commitment to prevent and minimize the use of non-renewable resources.

Environmental Management, Biodiversity and Land Stewardship

Tree mines Global has developed environmental programs for all aspects of its mining operations. And utilizes the ISO 14000 series of environmental management standard land management plans and with action plans to maintain and improve biodiversity.

Climate Change

We are committed to the industry-leading climate target of reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG)
emissions. We aspire to continually reduce CO2 emissions from our operations and seek to ultimately achieve a zero CO2 emissions by the next 20 years of our operations. TMG is committed to reducing energy intensity and invest in increasing energy efficiency.

Water Management

We aim to use water responsibly, conserve it and recycle it and minimize pollution. TMG developed a policy and guidelines for water treatment and recycling practices with a strategy in place to monitor and quantify water use and set a target for decreased usage. We have detailed framework that provides characterization, modeling and treatability test work required to support mine water treatment.


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