Our Strategy

Our Strategy

We aim to explore and develop our mines to pursue a growth strategy of increasing our portfolio utilizing modern technologies to achieve the highest efficiency while preserving the environment and protecting its workforce. The Company has a clear strategy to share the benefits of its activities with the community and to deliver to the full potential value of our projects for our shareholders.
Our objective is to exploit existing reserves and deliver profitable growth by advancing the Kaba Bunu project towards commissioning and develop new mineral resources inventory and converting this to viable reserves once the current alluvial mines are depleted.

Operation Overview

Our operational focus is to explore, develop and set up mining of the alluvial gold deposits in Kaba Bunu to a profitable operation by the year 2020. We aim to apply modern mining techniques and equipment in the mining process to achieve a minimum production capacity of 400 tonnes per hour – processing up to 13,000 ounces of refined gold in the first year.
The Company seeks to progress full underground and surface mining exploration drill programmes with the intention of increasing the information available on the current gold resources as an aid to more efficient planning.
Our long-term operational goal for the Kaba Bunu Project is to complete exploration and prove the huge hard rock (primary) gold deposit in this same licensed area, which was estimated by the Ukrainian geologists at an M & I of 1.2 million ounces of gold.
Tree Mines Global has built a strong team comprising experts drawn from each of their respective fields – geology, geochemistry, mine engineering, mine design, drilling operations and project management focused on driving this project to the value proposition or exit.


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