Project Value

Infrastructure Development

Our objective is to mitigate environment and social degradation through an efficient minerals policy and planning. This will come into effect early in the mining life-cycle and continue to be implemented over the full life-cycle. As part of our basic installations and facilities that are required for the development of our mines, TMG plans to invest in public infrastructures such as road networks for transportation, water, power, telecommunications, pipelines, schools, clinics and hospitals. This will broadly support our local community and enable economic activities and the development of our community alongside our mining activities.

Sustainable Development

Tree Mines Global plans to develop sustainable development (SD) policies which can be integrated into it’s economic, social and environmental objectives. 
We will adopt the  Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD) framework by;
  • Establishing and implementing an effective engagement process,
  • Improving our people’s well-being; 
  • Assuring the integrity of the environment; 
  • Improving the local economy through economically viable projects; 
  • Ensuring acceptable impacts on traditional and non-market community activities; 
  • Establishing effective institutional arrangements and governance; and 
Achieving a positive net result in the long term with appropriate metrics and periodic reassessments.

Community Health

Tree Mines Global will develop, adopt and enforce appropriate and uniform health, safety and environmental guidelines with a  comprehensive focus on public health in the mines, to prevent, treat and manage the wider range of health problems experienced by mining communities, conditions related to respiratory diseases associated with dust, chemical hazards, noise-induced hearing problems and vibrational disorders.

Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health 
Tree Mines Global plans to work with NGO’s and international development communities to engage in high-impact interventions geared towards Improving the health of women and children and preventing maternal and child deaths in our community and beyond.
HIV/AIDS Reduction 
Tree Mines Global is committed to a target of zero new workforce infections in a reporting year. We will provide voluntary testing for employees, examine treatment, assurance to provide antiretroviral therapy to employees and finally provide appropriate access to medical care for all employees and their families.
Community Health Screening 
Tree Mines Global aims to assist the local community by organising free health screening every quarter. We will adopt  an integrated and sustainable approach to primary prevention and fostering good health amongst our workers, their families and the community as a whole.


Tree Mines Global recognises the importance of information technology to the development of its communities. Through the establishment of it Information Technology community learning centres, the community will benefit from a variety of learning opportunities that can empower people within the community to develop their potential through education and training, enrich their cultural experience, succeed in business and improve their quality of life.


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