Worker and community safety

Our goal is to eliminate all fatalities, setting a goal of “Zero Harm” in our mines. TMG’s Official safety policy will include a clause that describes a goal of zero accidents within the company. Tree Mines Global will employ OHSAS 18001, operational standards Worker and Community Safety. All necessary steps will be taken to learn from incidents to prevent any recurrence and set common, simple, non-negotiable standards to be consistently applied. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Our stakeholder engagement process will utilise the widely accepted standard for formal stakeholder engagement, AA1000 Assurance Standard.
We will employ formal grievance mechanisms through which stakeholders’ concerns can be addressed. 
Our goal is to maintain effective, transparent and open communication and consultation with stakeholders associated with the company’s activities.

Policies for Mine Life Cycle

At TMG we recognise that the closure of our mines will have a significant impact on the surrounding communities, not only because of the loss of jobs and other economic opportunities but also because of the environmental impact.
We will conduct a mine life cycle assessment before beginning operations with a written policy on mine closings. Secondly, we will draft and enact action plans to avoid negative consequences by building communities and biodiversity that will continue to improve well-being after our mining site closes. Finally, our mine closure processes will involve stakeholder consultation.