TMG Community Development Plan

Community Development Plan & Implementation Programme For The Gold Mine Project At Taki

The Tree Mines Global Limited intends to explore and exploit alluvial gold in Taki town in the area covered by exploration license 18245 EL which will be marketed to off takers within and outside the country. Mining of the gold resource is expected to have several socio-economic benefits, notably job creation amongst other different economic opportunities that will emerge from the mining activities in the area.

The alluvial gold mining process will be open cast mining which may impacts in various intrusive ways, on the environment, land use etc. and consequently, may affect the disposition of the people with respect to their farms and hunting sites.

It is therefore important that this economic activity should be undertaken in such a way as to ensure both profitability and public good. Guided by experiences of similar ventures globally and particularly in Nigeria, the TMG intends to establish and maintain a sustainable good relation with the host communities and various stakeholders which is imperative for achieving the overall objective of mining the alluvial gold deposits and making it becomes a win- win situation for all parties.

Achieving this vision requires the entering and signing of a memorandum of understanding that will have a Community Development Plan as an integral part.

The above underpins the corporate social responsibility (CSR) program of the Tree Mines Global Limited and its community development plan.

TMG in aiming to become a responsible mining entity seeks to create and maintain a good relationship with the host communities that will impact favorably on the people in a sustainable manner while ensuring a viable and profitable mining business.

Tree Mines Global- Community Dev. Plan for Taki Gold Mine Project Page 2 of 2 In considering the community development plan, the strategy is to have a long term
development plan for the larger interest of the host communities and to always seek to
encourage the spirit of partnership and sense of community ownership of projects.

Based on the preliminary interactions with the leaders of the host communities, the following are the programs being considered for implementation under the community development plan which have been categorized into two groups namely; immediate (short term) and future (long term)


1.1 Provision of potable water supply.
Availability of potable water is a major challenge for the community. There was an attempt in the past during geological exploration activities to provide water for the Taki community. Recent visit confirmed that potable water is still not available in the
community. Since water is very critical to the livelihood of any community or
settlement, TMG will endeavor to undertake a sustainable water scheme project for the community. A borehole with tap islands at strategic locations will serve the need of the
mines and the community.

1.2 Access Roads.
Presently the access road from Ofere to Taki, a distance of about 17.21km is in a
deplorable state while there is no access road from Taki to the proposed mine site, a
distance of about 9.39km. TMG will seek to maintain the access road from Ofere-Taki as it may be deemed fit by the company and also create access road to the mining sites as
the case may be to facilitate its operation and community needs.

1.3 Electricity.
TMG will explore based on her resources possibility of having street lights connected to its generators to add value to night activities in the community which hitherto is always
in darkness at evening time. TMG will facilitate and support government to undertake sustainable electrification projects that can serve both the mining town and surrounding communities. 

1.4 Employment.
As much as possible, employment would be given to the youths in the community and
the catchment areas who are skilled or unskilled depending on need. The candidates must be competent and qualified to handle the jobs subject to the judgment of the company. Employment can be direct or indirect. Indirect employment may include but not limited to award of contracts depending on the competency and qualification to
handle such contracts subject to the judgment of the company.

TMG shall periodically but not more than once in a every five years, from the date of commercial mining commit a reasonable sum of money at the company’s discretion for the provision and upgrading of social amenities and infrastructural facilities for its host communities. The approved amount shall be used for infrastructural developments such as water, healthcare, education, etc. 50% will be for the immediate host
community and the rest 50% will be spent within Kabba-Bunu LGA.

2.1 Education
As a means of enhancing the primary and secondary school education in the community which is at present employment in not-too-good shape, TMG will support the
rehabilitation of the school and also facilitate government intervention in the
rehabilitation and upgrading of the school. Exceptional pupils will be awarded full or
partial scholarship subject to the judgment of the company and based on its available

2.2 Skill Acquisition

Projects Based on consultations with the host community and relevant stakeholders, TMG will set up skill acquisition centres to assist the adults to acquire skills that will make them employable in the mining sector.

2.3 Health
TMG will facilitate and support government to establish health centre in community.
TMG will explore at the initial instance the possibility of a visiting medical team at specified regular period to bring medical services closer to the community.

2.4 Farming Support Scheme
Based on consultations with the host communities, TMG will explore the possibility of supporting the establishment of farming support scheme that will be aimed at providing
counseling on new agricultural methods through improved farming techniques,
processing, preservation and provision of agricultural equipment. This is with a view to providing them with opportunities in farming which is the main occupation of the community.

2.5 Sporting Activities
TMG will explore the possibility of initiating and supporting sporting activities like football, “ayo olopon” and annual field and track events will enhance social interactions
with the community and good sense of belonging and neighborliness. Ayo Olopon is a
traditional game played by the Yoruba people of Nigeria. It is a game that requires a lot
of brain power and mathematical skill.


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