Why Invest in TMG


Tree Mines Global is committed to keeping its shareholders and potential shareholders updated on significant company developments. The information provided here is intended for the use of investors and it will be subject to regular updates with the latest company news.

Why Invest in TMG

Investment Highlights
  • 100%-owned  and holds gold mining concessions covering an area of 177 sq Kilometers in Kwara State and Kogi State, in Nigeria.
  • Geophysics has identified significant and numerous shallow and deep targets.
  • The  Kaba Bunu concession measures approximately 80 km² and is leased for 99 years to exploit and develop alluvial and hard rock mine.
  • The projected explored resources of Tree Mines Global in identified alluvial deposits are estimated 1,000 kg Au (@ average 0.5g/t). The primary deposits being the major focus, have much stronger indications of huge reserves and span over a rich traceable belt as exploration continues.
  • These tenements hold other attractive solid minerals like Wolframite, Lithium, silver and others.
  • The Kaba Bunu licensed area estimated to have a potential stock market (TSX, ASX, AIM) value of 150 million US Dollars, after completion of exploration on the rich primary deposits.
  • Other unexplored licensed areas hold significant potential.
  • The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) with several public hearings has been completed and a final certificate issued by the Federal Ministry of Environment in Nigeria.
  • The project is fully permitted for advanced exploration and extraction. 
  • Technical and financial experience to advance the project to value proposition or exit.


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